XM Radio no more for me

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I decided after months and months of having XM radio that it was time for it to go.  Originally I put it on the car for the holidays over 2 years ago now.  I said to myself, “I’m traveling all over the state, this would be a good thing to have through the New Year”.  I figured I’d cancel it come February…..2.25 years later…..

Yesterday I yanked it from the roots.  Now, the crazy thing is if you read on the internet and hear others talk, it’s worst than pulling teeth to cancel.  At the very least they have been offering everyone three months free to “get by”, so you really never can get them to cancel your service.

Well this is how it went down for me.

I called and spoke to someone who didn’t speak English.  Told her I wanted to cancel because I didn’t use it anymore.  She brought up my account info and said she had to transfer me….
I figured …”oh great, here we go”.

Then I get transferred to a guy that sounded like he was in a US call center.  He asked me the same questions as the first lady and again i told him.….”wanted to cancel…bla bla bla…”   He tells me give me one minute….then told me he just sent the cancelation signal or some flux capacitor command.  And then said good bye. 

TOTAL TIME ON PHONE: 3 minutes 42seconds.


Pretty sure that may be a new record for ANYONE canceling XM RADIO.   Did the sky fall yesterday… did hell freeze….  what just happened.  Today It was confirmed.  I jumped in my car and sure enough no XM playing.


comments comments comments…

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oh where oh where have the comments gone??  Looks like i had something configured wrong.  When you leave them now, they should be showing up if they are approved…but of course I’m not getting emails when the comments get caught :(

anyways…  I have updates from this pass weekend that I’ll share in a bit :)


never blog anymore

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With all the facebooks/twitters/ ect. I just don’t blog anymore. As you can see this site is not updated. Facebook will end up getting this post that I’m writing right now.

Point being. Since everyone syndicates data. Does anyone go this blog to read data. They use facebook, or google reader, or whatnot.
I still want to be creative and update this look and feel, but heck, I have a hard time just writing new posts.

I’ll try to throw a few more updates up more often in the future.

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