Thanks Bing.com for the FREE CASH

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Looking to save a few bucks on your next online purchase.

Currently I’m using two websites that give you cash back for making purchases online.  It really works too.  It’s simple.  Go to the website, and click a link.  Serious, that’s all you have to do.  The links take you to pretty much any store, including stores like Kohls, Victoria’s secret, tire rack, Newegg, buy.com, Amazon.com,dell, HP, and many many more.

Mr. Rebates  and Bing Cash Back  

Bing cash back had a better deal going with 6%, so I used them on this computer purchase last night.

bing cash

The catch is you have to wait about 60 days after a purchase and you need to have at least $5 in rebates before they send you a check.


Gmail and hotmail together today…

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I just noticed that my forwarding service died for hotmail on Sept 1st.   I’ve been missing emails.  NOT GOOD.

The service forward hotmail accounts into my one Gmail account.


Today I turned on POP3.  I have about 10,000 emails to move between two accounts.  Gmail only checks so often and only moves 200 messages at a time.  This will be a long process of moving mail.  Oh well.  I decided this time to purge the hotmail account.  I’m not leaving any messages on the server anymore.  I haven’t decided if I like that idea or not yet, but I guess it’s time to get rid of one email account anyways.  As soon as the messages are brought over, I’ll be able to monitor better how I was using the accounts and which ones are just stupid spam accounts that I don’t need anymore.


Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

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Looking forward to Power Pack 3 for WHS.  Lots of bug fixes, but lots of new stuff for Windows7.

Win 7 is amazing.  Not more to say about it.  It runs fast and it works. 

  • A feature to love is that windows search 4 will now natively search your WHS.  Because WHS uses the same Index System, it will return the Index to Win7 and instantly give you feed back.  (they claim 26% increase in searching now)
  • Another feature, is the ability to have all your files to show up in Windows 7 Library.  This is pretty cool.  No more mapping drives to folders on WHS.
  • Some of the best features will be the Media Center Integration…(see link for those details)


If you Geek’d like me, then check out Channel 9’s video.

Were looking at October release dates, but ya, pretty Geek’d.  Also a new version of WHS2 is being worked on!!!!  Meaning WHS, is here to stay.


Channel 9 Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

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