Best Buy game deal

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Right now Best buy has buy one get one 50% off.

I know I want Guitar Hero 5 but do I get the new halo or something else?

Plus Guitar Hero 5 will come with a free copy of VanHalen Guitar Hero!!!  So, really this brings down the cost to 30 per game. 


best buy


Bing is starting to become my new favorite search engine.

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In case anyone is from West Michigan, you might be interested in today’s Bing Page.


Anyone recognize this? :)



Hard Drive maybe failing…Uhh Ohhh

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We will run repair after work.  Ever since the power went out…I’ve had problems.  I think it might have been damaged.


Take Back the Beep

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Are you tired of wasting time  with cell phone voice mails when you call someone and have to listen to the automated voicemail instructions.  EVERYONE knows what to do with voice mail.  You hear a beep you leave a message…

This issue is part of a new Campaign, “Take Back the Beep”


These little 15-second waits add up–bigtime. If Verizon’s 70 million customers leave or check messages twice a weekday, Verizon rakes in about $620 million a year. That’s your money. And your time: three hours of your time a year, just sitting there listening to the same message over and over again every year.


If you have a sprint phone you can turn this feature off.
The simplified instructions are
You can disable the mandatory instructions. Hold down 1 for your voicemail, (then press * if you have messages to go back out to the main menu).     From there:

  • press 3 – personal options
  • press 2 – greeting
  • press 1 – main greeting
  • press 3 – add or remove caller instructions
  • press 2 – do not play instructions



Does anyone else have the instructions for the other carriers?…the more blogs that post this information the better our cause.


Kate Gosselin is still using her kids as a crutch

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If you don’t know…Kate Gosselin is the the mother from “John and Kate + 8”.  Today she was interviewed on the today show.  Every time she was questioned about John and something he did or didn’t do, she kept coming back to, how he’s hurting the kids.  She must have mention her money making crutch or better known as her “kids” maybe 30 times.  She paints a picture that their divorce is all his fault and that he’s not thinking about the kids.

I don’t think anyone in America will know 100% what happened between them.  My guess about the breakdown is because she didn’t pay any attention to John anymore and only to the kids, her book, ect.  I feel at this point, the show should end.  There is no point following a divorced couple.  We know they had 6 kids and now that the family is millionaires, I don’t think we need to follow the “hardships” of a family “trying to make it”

Kate, please quit using your kids a your crutch.  We know divorce sucks and its not fun for the kids, but seriously….


My First GITHUB project

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Well, I’ve been working with a College Organization for some time now.  Each year I have to tweak their webpage in order to get the bios of members to come up.   I wanted to take it to the next level and actually make a content management system.  This would allow the captains / coaches / whoever to easily update bios and change settings.  So far…nothing really exist yet.  But the goal of the project will be to build off what I have.

I will post more in the future and where the project is located in GITHub.  The project will be done in PHP and there is much work to be done yet.  I will need help from the database to the fluid interface.

If anyone is interested and joining forces, please let me know.  I’ll be looking for help mostly in the ajax side of things with all the many forms and pages that will need to be made.  Please contact me if interested and I can share some more ideas.


Also all the tech blog stuff will soon be leaving this website.  There is a new website in the works, with a new commenting system also.  You will be required to log in to leave comments and you should be able to log in with any login you own.  This will move the professional tech stuff away from this personal blog.  That way all you Facebook (Stalkerbook) people won’t get bored reading it.

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