Transformers 2 – My movie review thoughts.

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Over the weekend, I met up with my buddy Jake to see Transformers 2.  We made sure to see it on the IMAX.  It was worth it.  The big screen and crazy sound effects were awesome. 

It’s a summer action movie so take it how you want it.  It has the following:

  • Action
  • Fire explosions
  • LOTS of robots Transforming
  • cool special effects
  • comedy
  • sex appeal
  • Better music than the first

It doesn’t have:

  • a good plot
  • enough Megan Fox
  • award winning acting

So overall, it’s a good summer movie.  I actually felt that it was better than the first, because you didn’t need to build any introduction to main characters.  But on the other hand, I didn’t feel that it built up the characters any more when they could have…but hey…who cares Megan Fox’s butt is hanging out.

So compared to the first it “has more mega pixels”.


PCIe x16 and PCIe x1 problems

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I’m using a MSI 965 mother board.  I thought I understood PCI express but I cam up with a problem and now want to know if its all motherboards.  I wanted to have a third monitor so I added a second video card in my second PCIe x16 slot.  I finally got it working.  BUT…BUT…. i tried to use my TV tuner card which was sitting in one of the PCIe x1 slots.  It didn’t work.  Windows didn’t even recognize the card anymore.

After reading my motherboards manual over, I read that when you use both PCIe x16 slots it disables the PCIe 1x slots because it shares the bandwidth.

My question to everyone out there.  Is this true for all mother boards?  Can you not have your cake and eat it too?  ….errrrh I mean, can you not have to x16 cards and still use the x1 slots?

Thanks everyone.


Twikini is the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile

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I’ve been using Twikini for some time now.  I started using it in beta and haven’t stopped.  It’s fast , works well, and comes out with updates frequently for fixes and enhancements.  It’s now out of beta and running on my phone.  I think I tried about 3 other clients and they worked well, but as Twikini got more mature, it only got better.  A few features that I like are how you can easily reply to users or retweet by simply sliding to the left or right.  Another nice feature is the ability to attach links easily for photos photos.  I haven’t used the location yet so I can’t really speak for how well that is, but I don’t really think people need to know where I’m at or really give a hoot where I’m at anyways.  Again, if your looking for a very fast and reliable client.  Get Twikini.

Anyways…go to the following link and get it now if have a Windows Mobile phone.  Also check out the other software trinkets software has on their website.  Looks pretty interesting.




Twikini02 Twikini03 Twikini_Theme_Seattle

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