Toledo Mud Hens and Zoo trip

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Made it down to Toledo to hang out with my Cousin while he was still in town.  Made it to the Mud Hens baseball game and to the Toledo zoo the next day.

Here’s a few shots.  Really nice ball park and zoo.

100_0191 100_0199

_MG_3540 _MG_3592


Michigan Falling apart?

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I came across an blog today called the Motorless City.  A nice depressing blog about Detroit falling apart.

I wasn’t aware that the Michigan Central Station will be demolished.  That’s a real shame.  Both “The Island” and “Transformers” had scenes filmed there.


michigan_central_station Michigan_central_station_from_ron_gross

Well it’s not looking good in Michigan.  With GM more than likely going to go under Detroit won’t have much left if that happens.  We might have to bring back the slogan, “Last person out of Michigan, turn out the lights”

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