My First GITHUB project

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Well, I’ve been working with a College Organization for some time now.  Each year I have to tweak their webpage in order to get the bios of members to come up.   I wanted to take it to the next level and actually make a content management system.  This would allow the captains / coaches / whoever to easily update bios and change settings.  So far…nothing really exist yet.  But the goal of the project will be to build off what I have.

I will post more in the future and where the project is located in GITHub.  The project will be done in PHP and there is much work to be done yet.  I will need help from the database to the fluid interface.

If anyone is interested and joining forces, please let me know.  I’ll be looking for help mostly in the ajax side of things with all the many forms and pages that will need to be made.  Please contact me if interested and I can share some more ideas.


Also all the tech blog stuff will soon be leaving this website.  There is a new website in the works, with a new commenting system also.  You will be required to log in to leave comments and you should be able to log in with any login you own.  This will move the professional tech stuff away from this personal blog.  That way all you Facebook (Stalkerbook) people won’t get bored reading it.


Just upgraded my mobile theme

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If you have an IPOD or any other mobile device.  The site should look a little better for you.  Send me comments if the theme does not render correctly on your mobile device.


Website Interruptions

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My host is updating all of its fleet of shared servers.  I have no clue how many servers this is.  They say it will take all week to get them all.  I have no clue when my server will get its update.  SO, you might get a crazy warning while trying to access this site.  If you knew what the issue was you’d laugh and wonder why they didn’t do this a year ago.

Everything should be up and running for sure by the 14th. 



Google Gears uses .NET

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Is anyone else impressed that Google gears uses .NET.  I was just installing the latest WordPress and wanted to try out the Turbo feature.  When installing the Google Gears I noticed it was a click once app…  Pretty cool!!!


Spring is on its way?

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Well spring is on its way I think.  The only way I can tell living in Michigan is that there are orange barrels going up near my house.  Of course they want to do a 43 million dollar project to screw my commute for this summer and NEXT summer.
Grass is turning green.  There’s another sign of spring but it’s freak’n cold out though.  Cold April for sure.

Some random thoughts:

  • Been awhile since I’ve said anything on this blog. 
  • Been pretty busy in life that’s about it. 
  • I have had to move around some websites that I was hosting to different servers and that’s kept me on my toes.  I think soon I will be back on stable ground again when the host provider upgrades to a new server location.
  • I watch American Idol.  There I said it.  Now you can all kiss my A__.  I have never really watched it before until this season but I find those nights when Guitar Hero isn’t satisfying enough that I turn on the TV.  More importantly the part that has actually kept my interest for more than three seconds this year is the fact that I see people performing with instruments.  That’s a HUGE improvement knowing that at least some people have some talent.


Lastly.  Mario has found a new spot that he wants to call his own.  Luckily for him he wasn’t blocking the view of the Red Wings.



WordPress 2.5

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I just upgraded to wordpress 5.  I have not had time to test out any of the new features yet.  The editor looks nicer now.  Thats about it.  I will try the advanced features later.  I’m suprised fulljeff had issues installing.  It was a breeze for me and took only seconds to install the update.


Website up and running again.

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BigRedsPlace.com had a few hiccups, but overall it should be up and running again.  There were some carry over issues with the data center migration.  I had some issues with the domain pointers, but I believe the admins have fixed the problems.

One thing I’ve noticed is SPEED.   If you’ve had complaints before in the past, I hope they’re gone cause when you look at the photos, the hope is that they load as fast as picasa web or flickr’s site.  Feel free to browse http://photos.bigredsplace.com  and see if you feel its running any faster.  Clients can check out their proof pages too.


about time…

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Well, its about time.  Today I receive an email from Site5, my web hosting company.

We are excited to inform you that your server (*******) has been scheduled for migration to our new datacenter The Planet located in Dallas, Texas
The new server at ThePlanet has the following specifications: CentOS 4.5, dual 5130 Xeon processors, RAID 10, and 4GB RAM.

The old server was located in I think Lansing MI, and was much less in quality.  The new data center has cookie cutter servers so when one goes down, its a swap in – out.  I’m looking forward to this upgrade and hope that I have better speed, and less downtime.  The upgrade will be going on from now until Sunday, the 23rd.  So, with that said, we may see some sort of down time for a short time, but that’s out of my control.  See you all on the flip side.

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