XM Radio no more for me

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I decided after months and months of having XM radio that it was time for it to go.  Originally I put it on the car for the holidays over 2 years ago now.  I said to myself, “I’m traveling all over the state, this would be a good thing to have through the New Year”.  I figured I’d cancel it come February…..2.25 years later…..

Yesterday I yanked it from the roots.  Now, the crazy thing is if you read on the internet and hear others talk, it’s worst than pulling teeth to cancel.  At the very least they have been offering everyone three months free to “get by”, so you really never can get them to cancel your service.

Well this is how it went down for me.

I called and spoke to someone who didn’t speak English.  Told her I wanted to cancel because I didn’t use it anymore.  She brought up my account info and said she had to transfer me….
I figured …”oh great, here we go”.

Then I get transferred to a guy that sounded like he was in a US call center.  He asked me the same questions as the first lady and again i told him.….”wanted to cancel…bla bla bla…”   He tells me give me one minute….then told me he just sent the cancelation signal or some flux capacitor command.  And then said good bye. 

TOTAL TIME ON PHONE: 3 minutes 42seconds.


Pretty sure that may be a new record for ANYONE canceling XM RADIO.   Did the sky fall yesterday… did hell freeze….  what just happened.  Today It was confirmed.  I jumped in my car and sure enough no XM playing.


New computer speeds

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I’ll have to run some official benchmarks, but I’m pretty happy with the new speeds of my computer.  I ended up getting a new computer because I find myself creating LARGE photos.  I work with creating posters with multiple layers.  Tonight I opened up a 900mb file.  It took about 10-15 seconds.  This used to take about 3 minutes or more to open and eat all my ram and eat some scratch disk.  I’ve attached an image just to show the memory usage.  All 8 cores look nice and low.  The 8 gigs of ram I’m sure helps, not to mention that Photoshop likes to use the GPU which has 1gb of ram on that too.

Anyways I’ll share more specs when I get time to run some benchmarks.



My First GITHUB project

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Well, I’ve been working with a College Organization for some time now.  Each year I have to tweak their webpage in order to get the bios of members to come up.   I wanted to take it to the next level and actually make a content management system.  This would allow the captains / coaches / whoever to easily update bios and change settings.  So far…nothing really exist yet.  But the goal of the project will be to build off what I have.

I will post more in the future and where the project is located in GITHub.  The project will be done in PHP and there is much work to be done yet.  I will need help from the database to the fluid interface.

If anyone is interested and joining forces, please let me know.  I’ll be looking for help mostly in the ajax side of things with all the many forms and pages that will need to be made.  Please contact me if interested and I can share some more ideas.


Also all the tech blog stuff will soon be leaving this website.  There is a new website in the works, with a new commenting system also.  You will be required to log in to leave comments and you should be able to log in with any login you own.  This will move the professional tech stuff away from this personal blog.  That way all you Facebook (Stalkerbook) people won’t get bored reading it.


MSN direct maps new features

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If you have a GPS and it supports MSN Direct service, then listen up.  I just came across this when looking at http://bing.maps.com

Google maps lets you send an address to your GPS if its plugged in with the USB cable.  Well, Microsoft has one upped Google.  You can now send wirelessly.  I’ve actually been looking for this feature for a long time.  Now you can send from Bing maps (live maps) (Microsoft maps) the location wirelessly via your FM MSN Direct receiver.


I think i may have to upgrade my GPS with this feature.  The service cost is $100 for life.  I think it’s worth it if you plan on using a GPS (and are a total geek) that’s not on your phone.  Most new GPS devices are all starting to support getting FM traffic updates.

The only problem.  The service is only available in select areas.


PCIe x16 and PCIe x1 problems

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I’m using a MSI 965 mother board.  I thought I understood PCI express but I cam up with a problem and now want to know if its all motherboards.  I wanted to have a third monitor so I added a second video card in my second PCIe x16 slot.  I finally got it working.  BUT…BUT…. i tried to use my TV tuner card which was sitting in one of the PCIe x1 slots.  It didn’t work.  Windows didn’t even recognize the card anymore.

After reading my motherboards manual over, I read that when you use both PCIe x16 slots it disables the PCIe 1x slots because it shares the bandwidth.

My question to everyone out there.  Is this true for all mother boards?  Can you not have your cake and eat it too?  ….errrrh I mean, can you not have to x16 cards and still use the x1 slots?

Thanks everyone.


Twikini is the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile

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I’ve been using Twikini for some time now.  I started using it in beta and haven’t stopped.  It’s fast , works well, and comes out with updates frequently for fixes and enhancements.  It’s now out of beta and running on my phone.  I think I tried about 3 other clients and they worked well, but as Twikini got more mature, it only got better.  A few features that I like are how you can easily reply to users or retweet by simply sliding to the left or right.  Another nice feature is the ability to attach links easily for photos photos.  I haven’t used the location yet so I can’t really speak for how well that is, but I don’t really think people need to know where I’m at or really give a hoot where I’m at anyways.  Again, if your looking for a very fast and reliable client.  Get Twikini.

Anyways…go to the following link and get it now if have a Windows Mobile phone.  Also check out the other software trinkets software has on their website.  Looks pretty interesting.




Twikini02 Twikini03 Twikini_Theme_Seattle


Should ALL Internet sales be state taxed?

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When I was a cheap college student, I did everything to save money…hell, I’m still cheap.  I’ve always loved the fact that online sales didn’t have state tax.  Today I bought my last gadget from Circuit City.  I just found out I paid $15 more than I could have gotten it for online (after mail in rebate), but I just thought to myself, with the Economy the way it is, I’m kind of glad my state just got the tax.  They need it.  It sucks I paid more in the long run, but if you came to my state you’d understand….


This gets me thinking.  Have we ridden the cash cow too long.  Have we had it too good.  Should the governments step it up.  I have no clue how you’d prove that where you were shipping to also was your resident state too.  I guess, you’d go off the billing address, but it’s a bit more complicated than just that.  Businesses get crazy tax laws as it is.  Then to do business in other states…but not have a physical store…that may just complicate too much.  I did like Circuit City.  They were a great store.  Online Retail is one of the main reasons it went out of business.  Who’s next??

Tax_Debt_Small www.chirienterprise.com BatshawPothole


Apple has false advertisements on Vista

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Apple now claims that VISTA has problems…

Do they?  What are they?  Vista is spending money only on advertising they say….funny…lots of money going towards sp2.  Not a fix…just making it better.  I get updates all the time for my mac and its only running 10.3.  Are you telling me apple doesn’t spend money on their Ipods or their own computers for advertisements?

Lets stop the false advertisements and just show off what are own products can do.

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