opening day

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first day of deer camp went well. we took 3deer and I will try to get photos up soon


night before opening

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well this is my first moblog from deer camp. We had a great dinner and check out our blinds. We come from the old school and don’t bait. I will update everyone after the morning hunt.



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I’ve been hacked. Well someone (one of my friends) read about a security problem with AWSTATS 6.2. If you are using this version UPDATE right away. The security hole will allow someone to execute any type of code. Luckily, I only recieved new webpages that had BAD images on them. But they could move / delete / and create new files and folders.


Snow Bunny

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I found this snow bunny on the slopes last Saterday.



Housing comming right along….

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Well It looks as though the housing for next year is comming right along. =
When I last looked at the housing project only 3 weeks ago, there was onl=
y a cement slab. They are moving pretty fast.



Had to ponder this one…

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How many rolls of paper do we really need in one stall?

This is a question to ponder about.


Just to add… This means there is over a thrid of a mile of paper in one stall alone.


Consults Working Hard

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As u can see the consults r working hard in the new office.



Paper weight

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What a waste.


This poor dell server is just sitting here doing nothing. So much power…what a waste…

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