Thanks Bing.com for the FREE CASH

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Looking to save a few bucks on your next online purchase.

Currently I’m using two websites that give you cash back for making purchases online.  It really works too.  It’s simple.  Go to the website, and click a link.  Serious, that’s all you have to do.  The links take you to pretty much any store, including stores like Kohls, Victoria’s secret, tire rack, Newegg, buy.com, Amazon.com,dell, HP, and many many more.

Mr. Rebates  and Bing Cash Back  

Bing cash back had a better deal going with 6%, so I used them on this computer purchase last night.

bing cash

The catch is you have to wait about 60 days after a purchase and you need to have at least $5 in rebates before they send you a check.


Michigan Falling apart?

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I came across an blog today called the Motorless City.  A nice depressing blog about Detroit falling apart.

I wasn’t aware that the Michigan Central Station will be demolished.  That’s a real shame.  Both “The Island” and “Transformers” had scenes filmed there.


michigan_central_station Michigan_central_station_from_ron_gross

Well it’s not looking good in Michigan.  With GM more than likely going to go under Detroit won’t have much left if that happens.  We might have to bring back the slogan, “Last person out of Michigan, turn out the lights”


Early Congratulations, for some Wedding Bells.

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I wanted to give a shout out to one of my friends.  I’ve known this guy for the past 5+ years and had to room with him  for 3+ years.  He has been through some ruff times and some good times, but he’s one to still be able to brighten anyone’s day by doing something CrAZy.  I think he’s probably the one that inspired me to want to major in CS.  He’s just and awesome friend all around, BUT it’s now his time to be with his new BEST friend.

Emily, you will love this guy forever.  He’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Just remember, don’t let Carl run over road cones, take out deer, drink all the coffee, download over 10gigs in an afternoon, eat too many cheese hotdogs, kill too many people in GTA, and drink too many Whisky and Sprites.  (Also don’t let him out in the snow…he’s bound to slip and fall on his laptop)


This weekend he will be taking the Plunge.  Hopefully the weather will hold out for him.  (Darn Michigan crazy weather)

Congratulations Carl and Emily.  I wish you the best of luck in the many years together.


Cherry Festival 4th July, Traverse City Michigan

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This year for the 4th of July, I went up to Traverse City Michigan to the Cherry Festival.  I was not planning on going but I got a call from my cousin telling me we had a chance to go on his brother’s boat and watch the air show.  So with only 3 hours of sleep we made it to his boat…errr SHIP.  Coast Guard ship to be exact.  The captain allowed friends and family to board for the day.  They were actually on active duty and moved the boat out to the middle of the harbor for security patrol.  Now at this point we didn’t think much of it until we noticed all the little boats were being moved out of the area and we soon became one of two ships allowed in “the box”   The box was an area where the air show would take place and allow for the planes / jets to fly lower than normal.

That said….I have never seen an air show this close and may never get a chance to again.  We had F18 Blue Angels fly about 50 yards from our deck.  It was the the most amazing experience.

I’ve included a few photos from the trip.

Please check out all the photos at http://photos.bigredsplace.com/weekend_events/TraverseCity_CherryFestival_2008/.  Lots of jets and Blue Angels there.

_MG_9014 _MG_9120 _MG_9269 _MG_9359 _MG_9331 _MG_9067 _MG_9134 _MG_9498 _MG_9542 _MG_9082 _MG_8957 _MG_9061


Time off going by fast

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So I’ve had a week off already and it’s only felt like a weekend.  Time is flying.  Right now I’m waiting to get the oil changed in my car and only found out that I’m going to need new tires too.  Grrrr. 

Christmas Eve I woke up to having to help shovel snow at my parents….well I shoveled and dad drove the plow…

Christmas was fast.  Up at 6am, and on the road by 7:30am.  Down to Brighton before lunch.  Then gifts then leaving by 5pm to head to Lansing.  Then back to GR the next day.  Thursday (today) started out early with a funeral followed by some basic shopping.  Now the oil change.  Tomorrow off to Detroit for a Pistons game and then Saturday Down to Monroe.  Sunday back to GR to pick up a new family Member.  A new little kitten.  Don’t have a name for him yet, but thinking, maybe Mario, Curby, or Aspen.

Well the oil change is down.  That’s it for now.  Now off to Meijer.


One of the MOST impressive Christmas gifts this year for Photographers

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How about it.  Your at a party at your house…take some photos…then somehow lose track of the time the next day and never upload your photos.  Or maybe your out on a basketball court snapping away trying to get that perfect shot by deadline.  Well if you have access to a WIFI signal, you no longer have to worry about uploading because your memory card INSIDE your camera will automatically upload the photos for you.


EYE-Fi is the name of the product.  It can upload to up to seventeen different photo sites included Facebook, Flickr, Fotki, and Picasa.  The card holds 2 gigs worth of photos but is only in SD format right now.  It cost about $100 but I think is a HUGE bargain at that price.  Canon charges huge prices to get a WIFI adapter for their bodies.   If EYE-Fi makes this card on Compact Flash, I think they could shake up some of the market.




Microsoft Router MN-700 Hack – Success!!!

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 Now that I have my 360, I’ve been hooked to live.  Unfortunately that has meant a cord running all the way from my central router to my TV.  A solution would be to set up wireless.  Luckily for me there was a hack to add on a new firmware on existing routers and turn them into wireless bridges, but the unfortunate problem was the Microsoft router MN-700 can not be hacked, UNLESS you take advantage of the JTAG connector.

Basically I took a useless router laying around and for a little time and $5.29 in parts, I created an amazing router that supports so many new features and works better.  Of course the Best feature is being able to use it as a wireless 4 port bridge.  It involved soldering on a jtag connector and running software to create bin files, erasing the old boatloader, loading a new bootloader, and then updating to the dd-wrt firmware.  It was taking around 12 hours to flash on a windows machine, and it kept messing up about 50-70% the way through flashing.  I heard the rumor that Linux would flash much faster.  Sure enough, I created a pendrivelinux version of Ubuntu, then tried to compile, and flash from the pen drive.  It took only about 15 minutes and I was done.  Able to de-solder, and hook up to the 360.

dd-wrt has the how to how to make this project work.  This also works for certain linksys routers too.








18 auto deaths, please be careful Teens.

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I’ve been wanting to voice my opinion about the teen deaths that West Michigan is experiencing. Really it’s not much of an opinion as much as a concern. West Michigan area, is now up to 18 auto deaths this summer. I never remember hearing about this on the east side of Michigan where I grew up. I only knew of one person to die as a teen growing up. He was hit by an adult driver that fell asleep at the wheel. My heart goes out to the families and friends from all the accidents.

If your a new driver, please be careful. Turn off the phones, kick your friends out of the car.

This number needs to stop at 18 this year. No more this year. Be careful everyone.

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