Best Buy game deal

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Right now Best buy has buy one get one 50% off.

I know I want Guitar Hero 5 but do I get the new halo or something else?

Plus Guitar Hero 5 will come with a free copy of VanHalen Guitar Hero!!!  So, really this brings down the cost to 30 per game. 


best buy


Because I can too!!!

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Guitar Hero 3 thanks to Meijer

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Today I randomly decided to get Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox360.  I had a $50 (usd) gift card to Wal-Mart.   Well turns out they’re closed on Easter.  I was pretty stoked about getting it.  My brother actually talked me into too.  (thanks a lot).  So I go back home and remember Meijer had a Easter day say ONLY coupon.


15% off in store or online.  Problem is I wanted it NOW.  So I got my printer out of the closet.  ( I never use the mofo)  BUT I couldn’t get it to print….  So…I get thinking….   I download the graphic and run to Meijer photo center.  They have the U-Print stations.  I print  a 5×7 of the UPC code.  They take my photo quality coupon over scan it and WOOOOOT it worked. 

If your trying to get a good deal on an Xbox360 or something, 15% off isn’t too bad.  You have until midnight I think.


Xbox 360 Bandwagon

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Well I held out for quite awhile and couldn’t wait any longer.  I purchased my Xbox 360 on Halo3 day.  Ya, I’m one of those that helped boost the sales of Xbox.  It really came down to a random deal that I heard of through http://slickdeals.com .  The retail store Meijer, found in the Midwest(MI,OH, IL,IN,KY), was offering an online deal for 20% off the 360.  That meant $70 off.  I couldn’t resist. 

So off I went to the website.   All I had to do was add to cart, then enter online promo code.  Well the problem started there.  They were “OUT OF STOCK”.  The only way you could find a 360 was using a direct link to the product.  They actually pulled the standard link from there main website.

So, I walked over to Meijer from my place.  (a good 3 minute walk for me).  There in the glass elevator…err glass case, I found 3 Xbox’s.  I asked the Electronic department if they could honor the deal. 
“Well I don’t know anything about it and we can’t honor our online prices.” 

I then headed up to the front of the store.  I asked the service department. 
“We can’t Honor our online prices in the store”.  At this point I was thinking WTF?!?!  I tell the girl( who is much younger than me and more interested in twisting her gum in her fingers) 

“You guys have more than 3 in stock, and none in stock online.  You guys are advertising a deal that you can’t get a rain check for.  That’s stupid.  Why not just get me one sitting in the store since you HAVE THEM IN STOCK!!!” 

She ends up calling THE store manager, who knew about the online deal and was willing to honor it. 


Since then, I’ve been so crazy on LIVE.  I never in my imagination thought I’d enjoy HALO3 so much.  It’s a hit out the park and then some.  The online play is amazing and doesn’t get boring after 3 days or 3 weeks.  Sure the hype will go down, but with the achievements and ranking systems online, it gives you a drive to want to keep playing to get better than your foes.

Bottom line, when you kids wine this Christmas that they want a 360, BUY THEM ONE.


Gears of War Initial Thoughts and glitches

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So here are a few thoughts on Gears of War.

I was able to get a copy via Block Buster.  I got home sat down with my friend and started playing split screen.  (Don’t have a paid live account.)

I have to say I was disappointed and spouted out “LAME SAUCE” many times because of the opening tutorial.  Apparently even after the mandatory update the game made us do after inserting the disk for the first time, there was still a few glitches.  We were stuck in a room doing nothing after 5 minutes of the start.  We waited, ran around, shot everything, but nothing helped.  When pushing the ‘Y’ button the goal was always the same.  Some door that didn’t open.  After 15 minutes of running around, going back to the beginning of the level and walking all the way back the game decided to move and the AI started cutting through the door to come get us.

Second glitch happened after we came across the Galom like monsters that crawl on the ceiling.  We killed them in a hurry and then waited again for NOTHING.  We ran around but nothing happened.  This time it only took about 5 minutes. 


NOW for the GOOD.

Day 2 of playing.  We decide to turn up the brightness.  HOLLY COW, now we could see the graphics.  Up to this point, I was disappointed by the graphics because the game by default sets it’s brightnessTOO DARK to see the attention to detail that was put in.  After turning the brightness up a new respect came to the game.  Wow.  Looks good.  Made the whole game play feel better.  Now most people say FUN >  GRAPHICS.  This game FUN == GRAPHICS.  When you see the swarm of black things, (they look like the things from the movie “Pitch Black”) you almost have to excuse yourself to the bathroom. 

Overall, Good looking game, good gameplay.


GameCube Part 2

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After a short week of the new (used) gamecube, I went on eBay to get a second one.? Good old animal crossing and the girlfriend.? She wants to play that and I do too, but at the same time I’m all into WindWaker now.? I ended up spending $10 less on this second Cube, but didn’t get any games with it.? However, after looking around for a S-video cable your looking at retail $15 or used for $12-$15.? A second controller cost about the same.? This means I spent $30 on controllers and got the game cube for a really cheap price if you think of it.? I ended up saving money, and I think I could actually turn all the parts and pieces in and get more money back than I spent on it orginally.



Going Old School… GameCube Style!!!

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So GameCube may not be OLD yet, but to some gamers they find it to be outdated for graphics, sounds, flashing lights, ect.? I personally love my Xbox and my 360, but I??m feeling that the games out are lacking the replay ability.? They give me nothing to keep going.

After a very short decision I made a purchase on ebay for a GameCube platinum edition with Metroid Prime double pack.? I then proceeded to buy Zelda Wind Waker, Zelda Orarina of Time (special GameCube edition), Luigi??s Mansion, and of course Animal Crossing.

Needless to say, I now need to buy a second GameCube just so I can play.? My girlfriend has once again claimed the GameCube and Animal Crossing as her own.

With the few games I bought I think I??m set for a long time.? I remember tons of people complaining about Wind Waker and I had to give it a try.? Of course I??ve started to fall in love with it even after 10 minutes.? Most importantly I did pre-order the new Zelda due out in November.? I??m told that this will be the highest sold game this year.

Next on the list are Double Dash and maybe another Mario Title.? I have to say Nintendo, really has the most entertaining titles out of any console.? If only I could find enough time to play all of the games, or get the girlfriend off.


Funny xbox video…

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I couldn’t help but do a repost of this. Its been going around and I’m sure you’ve seen it.

I love seeing Microsoft’s adds to sell their XBOX in Japan.

here’s the link to the video.


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