Merry Christmas

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I got the idea from a friend to post every Christmas and then look back a few years later to see what I was doing, so here goes the first post of many years to come.  This was the first Christmas Eve I was not with my family.  I also messed up times with church so I didn’t make it to Midnight Mass.  Weather was crazy bad up to this day.  It rained and snowed today.  (Thats Michigan for you)  I watch a salt truck not make it up a hill by my house.  That kept me entertained as he smoked his tires and backed down the hill.

With the new TV and Windows Home Server, I had Christmas come early, so I didn’t ask for anything this year.  We’ll see if Santa Brings anything.

Mario was Festive this year.  (Santa Claws)



Look for another Christmas post, December 25, 2009 šŸ˜‰


Beer Cat

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Here is beer cat.

(No, he doesn’t have a drinkingĀ problem.)

Mario has a problem?


Battle of the ages!!!

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I came home last night to notice specs of dirt? on my bed.  When I started looking closer I noticed this was not dirt but more like creature looking body parts.  After looking around some more I noticed a body that had one pair of legs attached, while the other 14 pairs were all over my bed.  That’s right.  This was a holocaust against a house centipede.  The humanity, the carnage, and the destruction.  It was so breath taking.  But I wonder what could have caused this….
Just then my cat jumps on the bed and lets out a squeak and a meow…followed by the purrrr and the “Look what I did!!!! aren’t you proud?  PET ME PET ME” face.


That’s right the score if your keeping track at home is:

  • Mario the killer =1

61400403_1393web Mario the Killer

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