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Today I’m having a commercial party…I guess they’re playing some football during the commercial breaks.

Washed the car today…Ya it told me “Thank you”.

I want to see the movie Wanted .

Just watched most the movie teasers that are suppose to be shown tonight.  Thanks YOU TUBE 😉


Michigan Basketball

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Go blue baby!!!!

Even if they (University of Michigan) lose every game from this point forward, they did better than last year at this point.  It would be nice to see the program get built back up to where it once was during the FAB 5 era.  Wishful thinking?  I don’t know.  I’ll always have my roots from the East Side, so I will forever bleed Maze and Blue. 

Also, in general, I’ve been happy with Big Ten play this year.  MSU doing well outside the conference, which should give us hope again that a Big Ten team might be able to make it far in the tournament this year.   I know it’s too early in the season to know how it’s going to end, but at least the trends are looking good.



Sell the Team…

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…"Sell the team, "SELL THE TEAM".

Those were just some of the chants I was greeted with at my first NFL game in Detroit yesterday.

LIONS STINK.  Yes, I will be a fan for a long time…(don’t know why) but I just want to see them do well.  The players and coaches are fighting and the players are scrambling on the field.  NO ONE KNOWS WHATS GOING ON.  It’s Embarrassing and stupid.

The Chicago Bears Fans were louder than Lions Fans and when the Fans did make any noise it was "BOOOOOOOOOO".  I can’t believe people paid $90+ to go and boo a team.

It still ended up being a great time hanging out at the Bachelor party weekend.


DSCN0947 DSCN0957


Dog Eat Dog World. Joey Harrington steps into the ring (again).

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In the wake of all the Michael Vick contraversy we must find ourselves looking at that fact that their new No. 1 is going to be Joey Harrington.  As Lions fans we all tried to love him for about as long as his first game lasted with him.   After that he became an embarsement.  He just never could get any consistency.  I never knew what to believe the real problem was.  The rest of the team wasn’t that great (still isn’t), the coaching staff wasn’t that great and all the top drafted recievers seemed to be on the injery list.

The rest of the team set aside, it was no excuse for how much he sucked.  Lion’s traded him to Miami, where he fell into the No. 1 spot, only to be later replaced again.  Now in April, Alanta took him under their wing.  ONCE AGAIN HE BECOMES NO. 1.  Whats going on?  Is Atlanta doomed?  Maybe.  Either this guy needs to turn around his game, or Atlanta better start searching for there next No. 1 guy. 

Some more info:



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Bash at The Big House

GVSU VS. MTU at Big House.

Well we had only about 51,000 people in the stadium so it sorta looked empty. But it was still a good time. Lots of good tail-gaiting and football fun. Going into this game, MTU was undefeated. (9,0). Grand Valley however had already had two loses this year. MTU fans were a little too over confident. GVSU almost had the game, 24 to 0. There was a late touchdown by MTU to bring the final to 24 to 7. This nocked MTU out of having home field advantage for playoffs.


Lots of fun pictures can be found HERE.


Family Weekend at GVSU

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So family weekend was this one at good ole GVSU. Of Course the football team beat up on ther other team as normal. Also the GV Renisance group had there outing this weekend. I must say it was better this year than last year. It was a great weekend for weather and it was much dryer. I think they had a better turnout this year. It was fun watching women yeild swords and try to kill eachother. I have posted pictures on this. Most of the pictures were from a play that was being performed. I will edit down the amount of photos I have up in awhile. I have been crazy busy, and I have many back logged stories to tell eveyone from the past month. I’m going to try to get back into my daily post.
Women and sharp things...WATCH OUT


Gus Maker comes to Ludington

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Over this past weekend, I made it up to the old home up in Ludington. They just happened to be having the Gus Maker 3 on 3 basketball turnament. This is a lot of fun to either play in or spectate. I of course couldn’t resist taking a few photos while I was up there. As FullJeff would say… I had to “evaluate the situation”.

Here is a few pics and I will edit the post later with more pics.
Maker sites

The Pro court was full of top notch players.
Getting Some Air

Also over the weekend, I did do some photo work out a Big Sable Light House. Lots of fun out there. If anyone would like a High resolution picture let me know, I’ll email one out to you.
Big Sable Point Light House

Also I’m working on all the scripts that make gallery usefull and stuff for wordpress. I’m currently working on something new to change the way that archives show up. More to come on that later.

Check out all the Maker Weekend photos at: http://bigredsplace.com/gallery/Maker_weekend


Everyone is Important on a team…

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Most people go ranting and raving about the Pistons and their latest win. Yes, I was excitted about the victory like everyone else, but I will not be going to to the NBA store and buying over priced cotton or hats that were more than likely made with small hands. I will not be talking about this in a week. The Pistons are just a part of the team. I wanted to remind everyone of some other key players that never get their names mentioned EVER. I really feel that they are the heart and sole of the team. So with out futher ado, here are just a few more people that deserve to be acknowledged..







Thank you, TEAM
The True Team

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