How to Burn $29.99 Education Edition of Win7 to ISO

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Did you happen to download the windows 7 upgrade from digitalriver.com.  This would be the $29.99 edition.

If you did get it, it downloads, then expands a TON of files.  If you want burn this to a DVD then you are going to need to do the following:

First download  oscdimg.zip.


THEN run this crazy command. 

This command will make an ISO for you.  Of course, replace the path with the correct path to the etfsboot.com and the directory where the files sit.

Oscdimg.exe –u2 –b”C:\Users\PUTUSERNAMEHERE\Desktop\expandedSetup\boot\etfsboot.com” –h “C:\Users\PUTUSERNAMEHERE\Desktop\expandedSetup” C:\WIN7.ISO


I found this information at



New computer speeds

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I’ll have to run some official benchmarks, but I’m pretty happy with the new speeds of my computer.  I ended up getting a new computer because I find myself creating LARGE photos.  I work with creating posters with multiple layers.  Tonight I opened up a 900mb file.  It took about 10-15 seconds.  This used to take about 3 minutes or more to open and eat all my ram and eat some scratch disk.  I’ve attached an image just to show the memory usage.  All 8 cores look nice and low.  The 8 gigs of ram I’m sure helps, not to mention that Photoshop likes to use the GPU which has 1gb of ram on that too.

Anyways I’ll share more specs when I get time to run some benchmarks.



Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

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Looking forward to Power Pack 3 for WHS.  Lots of bug fixes, but lots of new stuff for Windows7.

Win 7 is amazing.  Not more to say about it.  It runs fast and it works. 

  • A feature to love is that windows search 4 will now natively search your WHS.  Because WHS uses the same Index System, it will return the Index to Win7 and instantly give you feed back.  (they claim 26% increase in searching now)
  • Another feature, is the ability to have all your files to show up in Windows 7 Library.  This is pretty cool.  No more mapping drives to folders on WHS.
  • Some of the best features will be the Media Center Integration…(see link for those details)


If you Geek’d like me, then check out Channel 9’s video.

Were looking at October release dates, but ya, pretty Geek’d.  Also a new version of WHS2 is being worked on!!!!  Meaning WHS, is here to stay.


Channel 9 Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

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