Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

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Looking forward to Power Pack 3 for WHS.  Lots of bug fixes, but lots of new stuff for Windows7.

Win 7 is amazing.  Not more to say about it.  It runs fast and it works. 

  • A feature to love is that windows search 4 will now natively search your WHS.  Because WHS uses the same Index System, it will return the Index to Win7 and instantly give you feed back.  (they claim 26% increase in searching now)
  • Another feature, is the ability to have all your files to show up in Windows 7 Library.  This is pretty cool.  No more mapping drives to folders on WHS.
  • Some of the best features will be the Media Center Integration…(see link for those details)


If you Geek’d like me, then check out Channel 9’s video.

Were looking at October release dates, but ya, pretty Geek’d.  Also a new version of WHS2 is being worked on!!!!  Meaning WHS, is here to stay.


Channel 9 Windows Home Server Power Pack 3


Hard Drive maybe failing…Uhh Ohhh

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We will run repair after work.  Ever since the power went out…I’ve had problems.  I think it might have been damaged.


Windows Home Server Project – Building – Part 1

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The server went together without a hitch.  Of course I ran into the stupid issue of being cheap on the case so I had to buy a adapter for 3.5 to 5.25.

(for some reason I’m missing the photo of the rail)

Then the power supply opened like an IPOD.  The thing had a cloth bag around it…what’s up with that?



Another nice feature was a special adapter to plug all the HD LED , PW Switch, reset switch, ect into.   You can see it’s white colored at the bottom of the Mother Board in this shot.


So we have all 2.5 TB loaded in.  SATA DVD.  Everything worked fine.  I had to manual install the network drivers.  That was the only hiccup in the install.  I ended up getting a gigabit switch for the system to help with seep too.

So Far I really like the OS.  Its simple.  The key is JUST DON"T TOUCH IT.  Now that they’ve come out with service packs and what not it runs pretty smooth.  We’ll see how it goes over time.  I think the next install I’ll use RAID on the system drive and leave the rest of the drives using Microsoft Extend.  Its nice just being able to add another Terra Byte to the pool and not having to worry about drive letters.  The server load balances everything nice too.  So far 60 gigs up and about another 500 to go tonight.


_MG_6341 _MG_6342 _MG_6343  _MG_6345 _MG_6346

Thats its for now.  I’ll post more after I have it up and running for a bit.  So far so good.  I like it. 


Windows Home Server project – Ordering Parts – Part 0

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I wanted to share a multi part post about building a computer that backs up all your photo, music, files.  It will store at least 2 copies of everything so if one hard drive fails, then I’ll have a second copy of it backed up.  Not only will it back up files, it will make a nightly backup of my laptop so when its hard drive dies, I’ll be able to restore it very easily.

This can be all done with Windows Home Server.  There are tons and tons of reasons why I’ve chosen this over RAID.  If your interested throw me some comments and I’ll get back to you.

You can either buy a pre-built server, or build the parts.  When you build it, you’ll end up getting much much more bang for your buck!!!

Here’s a list of what I got

Total price with Shipping:$418.53
– Rebates  ($65)

TOTAL $353.53

2TB add on will cost me another $194.00

If you’re like me you already have a case laying around so that’s not needed unless you want to create some hot-swap thing.As soon as the parts come in I’ll get to Part 1, the actual setup.

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