MSN direct maps new features

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If you have a GPS and it supports MSN Direct service, then listen up.  I just came across this when looking at http://bing.maps.com

Google maps lets you send an address to your GPS if its plugged in with the USB cable.  Well, Microsoft has one upped Google.  You can now send wirelessly.  I’ve actually been looking for this feature for a long time.  Now you can send from Bing maps (live maps) (Microsoft maps) the location wirelessly via your FM MSN Direct receiver.


I think i may have to upgrade my GPS with this feature.  The service cost is $100 for life.  I think it’s worth it if you plan on using a GPS (and are a total geek) that’s not on your phone.  Most new GPS devices are all starting to support getting FM traffic updates.

The only problem.  The service is only available in select areas.


Garmin Custom POI problems 255w

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I’m using the Garmin 255w.
I’m working on writing some custom POI files.  I’ve written them in the gpx format.

The problem I am getting is when entering a phone number.  When I select the POI from the EXTRA -> CUSTOM POI  menu, the Name and address shows up only.  If I add that Custom POI to the favorites and then view that, the phone number shows up.

So, I’m not sure if this is the intended usage or does Garmin nuvi 255w have a bug in the custom POI selection?

If anyone knows please leave a comment.

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