Biggby Coffee

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Michigan started a small coffee shop that in the past 5 years has picked up like a flash flood.  My opinion its MUCH MUCH better than Star bucks.  It’s also cheaper.


One of the things I like about Biggby is their CEO, Bob.  Ya, we’re on a first name basis now…not because I know him, but because he has a blog.  http://whereisbiggbybob.blogspot.com/

It’s actually a fun blog to read.  He tours around some times going from store to store video interviewing people.  Of course he does a write up on each place he stops. 

Point being…its great to see a local place that is doing well in this crazy economy, and it’s great to see an active owner.  If your in Michigan, find a Biggby and enjoy one of your best cups of coffee ever !!!

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