Bing is starting to become my new favorite search engine.

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In case anyone is from West Michigan, you might be interested in today’s Bing Page.


Anyone recognize this? :)



Toledo Mud Hens and Zoo trip

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Made it down to Toledo to hang out with my Cousin while he was still in town.  Made it to the Mud Hens baseball game and to the Toledo zoo the next day.

Here‚Äôs a few shots.  Really nice ball park and zoo.

100_0191 100_0199

_MG_3540 _MG_3592


Merry Christmas

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I got the idea from a friend to post every Christmas and then look back a few years later to see what I was doing, so here goes the first post of many years to come.  This was the first Christmas Eve I was not with my family.  I also messed up times with church so I didn’t make it to Midnight Mass.  Weather was crazy bad up to this day.  It rained and snowed today.  (Thats Michigan for you)  I watch a salt truck not make it up a hill by my house.  That kept me entertained as he smoked his tires and backed down the hill.

With the new TV and Windows Home Server, I had Christmas come early, so I didn’t ask for anything this year.  We’ll see if Santa Brings anything.

Mario was Festive this year.  (Santa Claws)



Look for another Christmas post, December 25, 2009 ūüėČ


busy photoshoot

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One of my favorite Fall Locations is a covered bridge nearby.  Too bad it was just a little busy to try to get a good shot. :(



Cherry Festival 4th July, Traverse City Michigan

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This year for the 4th of July, I went up to Traverse City Michigan to the Cherry Festival.¬† I was not planning on going but I got a call from my cousin telling me we had a chance to go on his brother’s boat and watch the air show.¬† So with only 3 hours of sleep we made it to his boat…errr SHIP.¬† Coast Guard ship to be exact.¬† The captain allowed friends and family to board for the day.¬† They were actually on active duty and moved the boat out to the middle of the harbor for security patrol.¬† Now at this point we didn’t think much of it until we noticed all the little boats were being moved out of the area and we soon became one of two ships allowed in “the box”¬†¬† The box was an area where the air show would take place and allow for the planes / jets to fly lower than normal.

That said….I have never seen an air show this close and may never get a chance to again.¬† We had F18 Blue Angels fly about 50 yards from our deck.¬† It was the the most amazing experience.

I’ve included a few photos from the trip.

Please check out all the photos at http://photos.bigredsplace.com/weekend_events/TraverseCity_CherryFestival_2008/.  Lots of jets and Blue Angels there.

_MG_9014 _MG_9120 _MG_9269 _MG_9359 _MG_9331 _MG_9067 _MG_9134 _MG_9498 _MG_9542 _MG_9082 _MG_8957 _MG_9061


Beer Cat

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Here is beer cat.

(No, he doesn’t have a drinking¬†problem.)

Mario has a problem?


Spring is on its way?

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Well spring is on its way I think.  The only way I can tell living in Michigan is that there are orange barrels going up near my house.  Of course they want to do a 43 million dollar project to screw my commute for this summer and NEXT summer.
Grass is turning green.  There’s another sign of spring but it’s freak’n cold out though.  Cold April for sure.

Some random thoughts:

  • Been awhile since I’ve said anything on this blog. 
  • Been pretty busy in life that’s about it. 
  • I have had to move around some websites that I was hosting to different servers and that’s kept me on my toes.  I think soon I will be back on stable ground again when the host provider upgrades to a new server location.
  • I watch American Idol.  There I said it.  Now you can all kiss my A__.  I have never really watched it before until this season but I find those nights when Guitar Hero isn’t satisfying enough that I turn on the TV.  More importantly the part that has actually kept my interest for more than three seconds this year is the fact that I see people performing with instruments.  That’s a HUGE improvement knowing that at least some people have some talent.


Lastly.  Mario has found a new spot that he wants to call his own.  Luckily for him he wasn’t blocking the view of the Red Wings.



Data Backup time

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So I started thinking this past week, that its time to start putting some thoughts and $$ into backing up data.  But where do you start?

Windows Vista home server is just around the corner and would be awesome to perform backups with.  But then you have to have at least 2 computer running all the time.  You could have a NAS and have it raided.  That takes less power and is easy to set up.  All these solutions can all be Raid.  But sure which raid to choose from?

The latest thought was a couple 750GB drives raided.  (mirrored)  too bad you could validate their data all the time too?

Another new thought would be to pay for online storage.  The problem is which one to use?  Online storage can be pretty pricey and it can take a long time to perform a backup.  Many have new features that can compare every file and only update bits instead of the whole files if need be.

So what’s everyone opinion?  Where do they start and what are some of their solutions?

My main purposes will be to back up photos that I have laying around EVERYWHERE.  I want one central location and I want it protected.

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