XM Radio no more for me

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I decided after months and months of having XM radio that it was time for it to go.  Originally I put it on the car for the holidays over 2 years ago now.  I said to myself, “I’m traveling all over the state, this would be a good thing to have through the New Year”.  I figured I’d cancel it come February…..2.25 years later…..

Yesterday I yanked it from the roots.  Now, the crazy thing is if you read on the internet and hear others talk, it’s worst than pulling teeth to cancel.  At the very least they have been offering everyone three months free to “get by”, so you really never can get them to cancel your service.

Well this is how it went down for me.

I called and spoke to someone who didn’t speak English.  Told her I wanted to cancel because I didn’t use it anymore.  She brought up my account info and said she had to transfer me….
I figured …”oh great, here we go”.

Then I get transferred to a guy that sounded like he was in a US call center.  He asked me the same questions as the first lady and again i told him.….”wanted to cancel…bla bla bla…”   He tells me give me one minute….then told me he just sent the cancelation signal or some flux capacitor command.  And then said good bye. 

TOTAL TIME ON PHONE: 3 minutes 42seconds.


Pretty sure that may be a new record for ANYONE canceling XM RADIO.   Did the sky fall yesterday… did hell freeze….  what just happened.  Today It was confirmed.  I jumped in my car and sure enough no XM playing.


American Idol – Season ???

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I have no clue what season American Idol is up, but I have to say I was entertained tonight.  They are keeping it fresh every year.  How do they do it?  Editing.  I think the show would suck if all we saw was good auctions and bad auctions.  Editors deserve the awards.  For all the time spent spicing, cuttings, and adding sound effects, they must spend forever.  But, the important thing is they are doing a great job they keeps it fresh.  We’ll see how my hatred goes for this as the season goes on.  Normally I’m against the fact that these people are “studio” made, but dang it, we’re stuck listening to one of these people on the radio come Fall 2009.


The people that Support American Idol

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I stated I watched American Idol before.  That is true, because I was interested in watching people actually get to perform with an instrument.  I was interested in the people that had talent and their abilities to take songs such as “Billy Gene” and make it sound original. 

But who are the people that buy into the American Idol and worship it?  The people that ACTUALLY VOTE.  ( I have never voted ).  I’ll tell you who.

Roberta Swidersky, 54, wearing her homemade Archuleta T-shirt, was still proud of her favorite after show had ended.

WTF.  Its an age group from like 40 – 10000 that give a flying rats ass.

(source rand Rapids Press)

I’m just annoyed with the hype.  Keep it a talent contest and not a hype contest.  I would maybe have enjoyed it more if it was about the music only and not the Ford commercials or Apple commercials.  At least there were a few times during the season where it was about music.  It’s over and summer is here.   WOOT!!!



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I wanted to give a shout out to a website that some of you might be familiar with already but for anyone else it??s worth checking out if you like music and not just the same old artist.

Pandora.com is part of the Music Genome Project. Information on the project is at http://www.pandora.com/mgp.shtml.

Basically the Pandora is a music player that you put in the name of an artist and or a song and it will play HI QUALITY music similar to or music by that exact artist. The music has been selected that has the same sound which includes everything from the beat to the style of chords the artist uses when strumming their guitars.

The Music Genome Project

On January 6, 2000 a group of musicians and music-loving technologists came together with the idea of creating the most comprehensive analysis of music ever.

Together we set out to capture the essence of music at the most fundamental level. We ended up assembling literally hundreds of musical attributes or “genes” into a very large Music Genome. Taken together these genes capture the unique and magical musical identity of a song – everything from melody, harmony and rhythm, to instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics, and of course the rich world of singing and vocal harmony. It’s not about what a band looks like, or what genre they supposedly belong to, or about who buys their records – it’s about what each individual song sounds like.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve carefully listened to the songs of over 10,000 different artists – ranging from popular to obscure – and analyzed the musical qualities of each song one attribute at a time. This work continues each and every day as we endeavor to include all the great new stuff coming out of studios, clubs and garages around the world.

It has been quite an adventure, you could say a little crazy – but now that we’ve created this extraordinary collection of music analysis, we think we can help be your guide as you explore your favorite parts of the music universe. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Tim Westergren
The Music Genome Project

Best of all it is FREE. The legal mombo-jumbo goes pretty long. If your like me and don??t?? really care about downloading songs or buying CDs and only listen to the radio or music while sitting in front of the computer, I encourage you to check this out. Pandora.com will auto start up the radio player. (no software to download) They also have a blog: http://blog.pandora.com


Music that’s getting catchy to me.

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So, I hate to fall under the pop roll, but I’m starting to like some artist I never really tried listening to before.

Fall Out Boy,
Norah Jones,
And some random Country Artist that are new that I’ve never heard of.


Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour 2007 Detroit

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My friend Mike made an offer I couldn’t refuse at the beginning of august.  He offered me tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in Detroit.  The concert was at DTE(Pine Knob).  I hadn’t been there in years and forgot how big and nice of a place it is to be at. 

If you’ve never seen a Dave Matthews concert, this is how it works.  The lights go dark, Dave walks on stage, and he plays music.  Period.  Sure he has lights and giant monitors, but what he doesn’t have is fire, dancing, skimpy clothes, lip sinking, and all that other tween stuff.  He was amazing.  The group can perform so well.  They were not stop energy.  They played over 2 hours and had 2 encores. 

Now, I’m trying to decide who I liked better in concert.  Last year I saw Eric Clapton with Pat and A-TALLY.  That was also amazing.  That man could have jammed for hours.  Both guys were amazing and both could perform.

About ten minutes before the show, a thunder storm came in.  If you have never been to DTE, it’s an outdoor amphitheater with limited covered seating.  Needless to say, the concert was delayed, and mud slides were created.  After the rain passed, the lightning came in and it gave an AWSOME effect while Dave was on stage.

On a side note, here’s a map of where DTE is.  I just wanted to try out the new embedded Google map.  try zooming in and you can see the high quality of the theater in the lower right.

View Larger Map

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