Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour 2007 Detroit

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My friend Mike made an offer I couldn’t refuse at the beginning of august.  He offered me tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in Detroit.  The concert was at DTE(Pine Knob).  I hadn’t been there in years and forgot how big and nice of a place it is to be at. 

If you’ve never seen a Dave Matthews concert, this is how it works.  The lights go dark, Dave walks on stage, and he plays music.  Period.  Sure he has lights and giant monitors, but what he doesn’t have is fire, dancing, skimpy clothes, lip sinking, and all that other tween stuff.  He was amazing.  The group can perform so well.  They were not stop energy.  They played over 2 hours and had 2 encores. 

Now, I’m trying to decide who I liked better in concert.  Last year I saw Eric Clapton with Pat and A-TALLY.  That was also amazing.  That man could have jammed for hours.  Both guys were amazing and both could perform.

About ten minutes before the show, a thunder storm came in.  If you have never been to DTE, it’s an outdoor amphitheater with limited covered seating.  Needless to say, the concert was delayed, and mud slides were created.  After the rain passed, the lightning came in and it gave an AWSOME effect while Dave was on stage.

On a side note, here’s a map of where DTE is.  I just wanted to try out the new embedded Google map.  try zooming in and you can see the high quality of the theater in the lower right.

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