Transformers 2 – My movie review thoughts.

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Over the weekend, I met up with my buddy Jake to see Transformers 2.  We made sure to see it on the IMAX.  It was worth it.  The big screen and crazy sound effects were awesome. 

It’s a summer action movie so take it how you want it.  It has the following:

  • Action
  • Fire explosions
  • LOTS of robots Transforming
  • cool special effects
  • comedy
  • sex appeal
  • Better music than the first

It doesn’t have:

  • a good plot
  • enough Megan Fox
  • award winning acting

So overall, it’s a good summer movie.  I actually felt that it was better than the first, because you didn’t need to build any introduction to main characters.  But on the other hand, I didn’t feel that it built up the characters any more when they could have…but hey…who cares Megan Fox’s butt is hanging out.

So compared to the first it “has more mega pixels”.


Random Rambles

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Today I’m having a commercial party…I guess they’re playing some football during the commercial breaks.

Washed the car today…Ya it told me “Thank you”.

I want to see the movie Wanted .

Just watched most the movie teasers that are suppose to be shown tonight.  Thanks YOU TUBE 😉


Lesson learned when letting your girlfriend choose a movie

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Saturday, I told my girlfriend, let’s just rent a movie and watch it on this crazy TV I bought.  We went to a local video rental store.  We walked the whole store looking at the new rentals.  I wanted to see Wall-E.  She had never seen it but was not in the mood.  She wanted a comedy.  We saw some Dane Cook movie and thought maybe.  Then she found Burn After Reading.  I made  the mistake of NOT reading the back of the movie case.  I asked her, since she just read the back, what is it about?
To my surprise, she tells me it’s a comedy of sorts.  I see it has George Clooney and Brad Pit from the front cover.  (Again I rely on her reading the back).  I say why not…I’m sure it’s funny and has to be better than Dane Cook.

We end up renting that one and buying Wall-E (only $10 to own).

OK…well after 2 hours …we both found ourselves saying.   What the F just happened.  We were so disappointed.  And I made sure I let her know she did not pick out a comedy.  This is not a bad movie, but more random.  If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.  Not only do some of the characters act like they don’t know what the F is going on, but we, the viewers, felt the same way as the credits still rolled.

Girlfriend admitted defeat.


Lesson learned….I pick out our next movie!!!



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My quick movie review.



Friday I saw Wall-E.  I liked it.  I think Pixar does a great job every time but they had some new challenges for this film.  There is no dialog for at least the first quarter.  At first I thought they weren’t going to pull it off, or people just wouldn’t “get it”, but it was done with so much detail it was hard not to laugh and feel emotion.

Some key points to hit on.

  • It’s a Science Fiction / Love Story.
  • The idea was developed in 1995.
  • It is Pixars’ most original movie yet. ( opinion not only from myself )
  • The short before the movie is entertaining and also doesn’t have any dialog.


"Why you little…D’oh!!"

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Anyone that’s been around for at least the past 18 years should recognize that phrase originated from the beloved Homer Simpson.

I Had a chance to check out the Simpson’s Movie this past weekend. Andy and I had a great time. Of course it was another crazy story except lengthen out. I would say it’s a great movie to watch because, it’s the Simpson’s. Everyone has to love them.

Comparing it to the TV show, it was equal to their good episodes. I think some of their early Halloween work still tops what this movie produced.

I recommend if your a Simpson fan to watch this and don’t delay. Everyone will get a kick out of Spider Pig.



"Autobots, Roll Out"

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Tuesday I took a trip to my local picture theater to see Transformers.  Of course I couldn’t find the damn movie time for the show because there was no theater listed under Cinimark at Rivertown Mall.  Not very surprised, I found that Celebration bought them(Cinimark) out about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  They now advertise…”Celebration Theater, West Michigan’s #1 Theater”….Well no kidding, your the ONLY theater now.

Anyways… on with the review.

Transforms.  My thought walking in.  Summer block buster, and its going to suck.  Wow could I never be wrong.  This is the first summer block buster that I really recommend to everyone.  Not sure if all ages will like it but it was definitely awesome to see our childhood toys come to life and start kicking butt.  I really thought Michael Bay was going to drop the ball but he came through.  I most pleasantly surprised by the amount of comedy that was put in.  There was a great balance between laughing and saying SWEEET.

I would say it’s on the side of a guy movie though.  We have Car chases, explosions, robots, carnage, and most importantly a 20 year playing a High Schooler.  Thank you Megan Fox.

By the end of the movie, I felt like I wanted to buy a GM Car (new Camaro) or have my current car transform and go fight some evil truck.  Go see this movie.



Pirates 3 soundtrack

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I’m reviewing the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer once again pulls out perfection.  The story goes that someone else started working on the first movie’s soundtrack and it got out of control, so Zimmer took over and made it work.  He then was fully in charge of the second movie but at times sounded like he was still forced to transition from the styles laid down in the first movie, which still didn’t make it feel like it was fully his work.  This last (third) album sounds all “Zimmer’ish”.  He knocks one out of the park.  You can of course hear the theme that was set by the first album, but this one mostly has the Power that Zimmer is known for.  It has the sound of war at many times.  This type of feel can most commonly be found in his amazing score for “Gladiator”.

I have not seen the movie yet, but when I do, if it sucks, I plan on closing my eyes and only listening to the music, because this is for sure the best score out of all three movies.


Spider-Man 3 DLP

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My post will not be as long as fulljeff’s, so I’ll just get to the point. I liked it. I liked many villains. That was fun seeing them all. I think venom could had been used though as the main villain for the whole movie or even 2 movies. They did a great job keeping him secret and not leaked. Special effects I thought were awesome. Girls were pretty guys were ….well guys. I felt there was much more comedy in this film than the past ones.

I planned on seeing this film in the IMAX, but it was sold out for 2 days straight. I decided to go with one of the new DLP theaters. WOW. Thats all I could say along with everyone else. HD quality film. (not sure if it was HD resolution). The text was so crisp, and the colors were amazing(millions of colors). There was no pops, hisses, static, hair in the film, or cigarette burns. It was near perfect. It was awesome. I recommend everyone go to theater offering DLP.

Worst part of the movie was some girl coming out before the show telling everyone to turn off cell phones / pagers / ect… And she kept saying “woooo”. I was too far away to throw my drink at her.

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