Apple has false advertisements on Vista

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Apple now claims that VISTA has problems…

Do they?  What are they?  Vista is spending money only on advertising they say….funny…lots of money going towards sp2.  Not a fix…just making it better.  I get updates all the time for my mac and its only running 10.3.  Are you telling me apple doesn’t spend money on their Ipods or their own computers for advertisements?

Lets stop the false advertisements and just show off what are own products can do.


Save the Cheerleader, Save the World…

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It was a great 3 hours of Heroes last night.  We had our first Heroes party.  I remember this type of excitement when the FOX series 24 was just starting…Makes me wonder if Heroes will some day turn into a 24 and loose the Shock and Aww that it started with.

I ended up running the show through the Xbox 360’s media extender.  This way I could watch the HD over the air that was coming into my computer and hear the digital sound too.  Good thing I went down this road.  For some reason about the time the show was starting our ATT U-Verse DVR was blinking and resetting and then just locking up.  The one time ATT has let us down so far.  Thank goodness for "Life Without Walls"



Clean up Vista sp1 install files.

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If you are like me and have just installed Vista sp1 and have no need to keep the old files, (the ones that would let you uninstall sp1) then you should run a small program to clean this up.  Just go to the start button and type “vsp1cln.exe”  Its the Vista Service Pack 1 cleaner.  This is much easier then searching around for files that start with a ‘$’ or making registry edits.  Takes a few minutes and saves you a few hundred megs of space.


Thanks http://dotnetwizard.net for this tip. 


Vista SP1 update? Or not?

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Today this was rolled out to my machine.  Not quite sure if this is final or not.  Can anyone comment on it?



Data Backup time

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So I started thinking this past week, that its time to start putting some thoughts and $$ into backing up data.  But where do you start?

Windows Vista home server is just around the corner and would be awesome to perform backups with.  But then you have to have at least 2 computer running all the time.  You could have a NAS and have it raided.  That takes less power and is easy to set up.  All these solutions can all be Raid.  But sure which raid to choose from?

The latest thought was a couple 750GB drives raided.  (mirrored)  too bad you could validate their data all the time too?

Another new thought would be to pay for online storage.  The problem is which one to use?  Online storage can be pretty pricey and it can take a long time to perform a backup.  Many have new features that can compare every file and only update bits instead of the whole files if need be.

So what’s everyone opinion?  Where do they start and what are some of their solutions?

My main purposes will be to back up photos that I have laying around EVERYWHERE.  I want one central location and I want it protected.


How to speed up Photoshop & Vista

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PART1: Photoshop speedup
Since I’ve been using my new computer with Vista Ultimate, and CS3, I’ve noticed that Photoshop CS3 was running slow.  When comparing my vista machine to my XP machine which had CS2 installed, I noticed that the newer computer with the newer OS and the newer Photoshop was running too slow.  It was much slower than the old computer.  I wasn’t sure who to blame, the new OS or the new Photoshop.  The computer was a dual core with 2 gigs or ram, so I didn’t think the bottle-neck was with the hardware.  However it was…sorta…

The solution was simple.  Rip out a hard drive from the old computer and put it in the new one.  Then in the Photoshop  CS3 settings, add the second harddrive as a scratch disk.  Wow did this make a HUGE difference.  Startup time is less than half of what it was.  Plugins work much faster too.

This solution might be a simple one that you overlook or forget about like I did.  Its a cheap solution that gives you extra storage too.
My old computer had 5 hard drives, and the new one only had one.  The hard drive I ended up swapping in was a SATA drive which also led me to thinking, I can speed up vista a little bit more too.

PART2: Vista speedup
Here is a few links with some ideas I’m trying.

The first idea is to turn on Advanced performance.  I believe that just forces the drive to use more cache on the drive or changes how the OS uses the disk cache.
The second idea is just spreading out the page file over two drives.
I don’t have any benchmarks but I think its helping a little bit.


One week review with Vista 64bit Ultimate

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After a week of using Vista and performing the anytime upgrade to Ultimate edition, I’ve been quite pleased.  It has performed as well as it should.  An ATI service was the cause to my BSOD and daemon tools did create one glitch.


I’m not sure if its the Core2 DUO talking, or if its Vista, but this thing is FAST.   I have never had start ups this fast and programs execute so much faster now.  Firefox, with all the BILLION extensions I seem to love and NEED to take up useless space with, seams to start up FASSST.  Also, Trillian use to take a couple days to start up.  Now it’s a matter of seconds with no extra waiting around. 


All and all, its going well.  I’m trying out the CS3 beta right now, and that seams to be running well.  I can’t wait for the final release.  (for some reason I was thinking it was out already)


I’m not dedicated to using one OS over another, I just want to use what works well for me.  I felt for the cost, I was getting a lot of bang for my buck using a Windows Based PC.  Media Center is a great app if you want to use TV.  The photo viewer even reminds me a lot of what picasa can do.


If you don’t have ultimate yet, don’t worry about throwing some $$ out.  It’s worth it.

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