Biggby Coffee

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Michigan started a small coffee shop that in the past 5 years has picked up like a flash flood.  My opinion its MUCH MUCH better than Star bucks.  It’s also cheaper.


One of the things I like about Biggby is their CEO, Bob.  Ya, we’re on a first name basis now…not because I know him, but because he has a blog.  http://whereisbiggbybob.blogspot.com/

It’s actually a fun blog to read.  He tours around some times going from store to store video interviewing people.  Of course he does a write up on each place he stops. 

Point being…its great to see a local place that is doing well in this crazy economy, and it’s great to see an active owner.  If your in Michigan, find a Biggby and enjoy one of your best cups of coffee ever !!!


Is Game Console Modding Dead?

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Last week, modchip stores in the US were raided.  One of the largest Xbox mod chip manufactures then PULLED all their U.S. sites.  They are no longer selling in the U.S. and more than likely will never sell again.  They also pulled all forums that had anything on the topic of how to mod.  They never ONCE posted about HOW TO mod.  Only user-to-user based conversations.  “Team_BLANK”, may have been hurt directly.  That’s my only thought why they would have pulled EVERYTHING.  This is truly a sad day.  If you want a mod chip, good luck.

And this just isn’t Xbox chips.  Everyone, Everywhere is getting hit.  Just today, a HUGE raid in the UK.

Vote your opinion.  Is the industry dead?  Did gamers abuse the power of the mod chip too much?

I still remember when Kevin Rose did a mod LIVE on TechTV for the Screen Savers.  What happened to the good old days?

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