Hot tub time machine

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Started working on my hot tub…from the 70’s.

This will take some work…looks like they never winterized it correctly. Water was shooting everywhere after filling half way.


Michigan Falling apart?

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I came across an blog today called the Motorless City.  A nice depressing blog about Detroit falling apart.

I wasn’t aware that the Michigan Central Station will be demolished.  That’s a real shame.  Both “The Island” and “Transformers” had scenes filmed there.


michigan_central_station Michigan_central_station_from_ron_gross

Well it’s not looking good in Michigan.  With GM more than likely going to go under Detroit won’t have much left if that happens.  We might have to bring back the slogan, “Last person out of Michigan, turn out the lights”


Goodbye Circuit City

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Today was the last day that Circuit City was open.

I went to the store for the heck of it.  I guess one last time walking in only to find a group of what I believe was the old workers playing Xbox on a LCD TV.  They had no Circuit City shirts on.  They were sitting right by the door, just playing a game.  I have no clue why they stayed open today.  They had NOTHING left.  Everything was gone.  They were selling shelves only.  It sort of reminded me of Clerks, but without any merchandise.


Google takes down deer, Gizmodo takes down Google

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The article about Google street view is quite funny(yet sad cause I think it was a fawn that got hit).

Gizmodo placed the following post:  (follow link)



But when trying to look at Google maps to see for myself I got this message:




Lesson learned when letting your girlfriend choose a movie

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Saturday, I told my girlfriend, let’s just rent a movie and watch it on this crazy TV I bought.  We went to a local video rental store.  We walked the whole store looking at the new rentals.  I wanted to see Wall-E.  She had never seen it but was not in the mood.  She wanted a comedy.  We saw some Dane Cook movie and thought maybe.  Then she found Burn After Reading.  I made  the mistake of NOT reading the back of the movie case.  I asked her, since she just read the back, what is it about?
To my surprise, she tells me it’s a comedy of sorts.  I see it has George Clooney and Brad Pit from the front cover.  (Again I rely on her reading the back).  I say why not…I’m sure it’s funny and has to be better than Dane Cook.

We end up renting that one and buying Wall-E (only $10 to own).

OK…well after 2 hours …we both found ourselves saying.   What the F just happened.  We were so disappointed.  And I made sure I let her know she did not pick out a comedy.  This is not a bad movie, but more random.  If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.  Not only do some of the characters act like they don’t know what the F is going on, but we, the viewers, felt the same way as the credits still rolled.

Girlfriend admitted defeat.


Lesson learned….I pick out our next movie!!!


Don’t do ten things at once…

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Don’t do 10, (ten) (nine plus one) things at a time.

Petting Mario, throwing a ball for Allie, watching J-Leno, and writing a blog = bad blog.  Thanks to the people like Nick for telling me I suck at writing.  😉

Next time, I’m throwing the cat off my lap.  I think that’s the root cause.  I couldn’t type as well with it on me…..  (sounds like a good excuse?)


Snow day…sorta

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Sitting at home…doing work….4 ft drift in front of garage…too lazy to shovel right now…. getting more work done here than being stressed driving…

Now i’m like chouse…..but I bet I’m doing more work 😉


Carl, How you liking the snow today 😉  ?


Early Congratulations, for some Wedding Bells.

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I wanted to give a shout out to one of my friends.  I’ve known this guy for the past 5+ years and had to room with him  for 3+ years.  He has been through some ruff times and some good times, but he’s one to still be able to brighten anyone’s day by doing something CrAZy.  I think he’s probably the one that inspired me to want to major in CS.  He’s just and awesome friend all around, BUT it’s now his time to be with his new BEST friend.

Emily, you will love this guy forever.  He’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Just remember, don’t let Carl run over road cones, take out deer, drink all the coffee, download over 10gigs in an afternoon, eat too many cheese hotdogs, kill too many people in GTA, and drink too many Whisky and Sprites.  (Also don’t let him out in the snow…he’s bound to slip and fall on his laptop)


This weekend he will be taking the Plunge.  Hopefully the weather will hold out for him.  (Darn Michigan crazy weather)

Congratulations Carl and Emily.  I wish you the best of luck in the many years together.

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