Bill Wagner Quote

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This quote is from Bill Wagner’s Twitter.

Thesis: Software Developers are the modern Renaissance people. Software Development requires an understanding of multiple disciplines.

Well said, Bill. 


.NET Developer looking for work.

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I guess why not advertise on my blog.

If anyone is looking for a .NET Developer in Michigan, please contact me.  I would prefer either the Greater Grand Rapids Area, or the Detroit Area, but I am open to other areas.  You can leave me a comment on this blog or email me at “looking[for]{work}[at](bigredsplace){dott}com” with your contact information and I can forward you my resume.

So, to keep this short and sweet, if you’re looking for a .NET Developer specializing in C# but capable of taking on ANYTHING, feel free to contact me, or if you know of anyone else, please feel free to pass on their contact information.

Tuff times call for Blogging :)
Thank you everyone.  I appreciate your help.


Garmin Custom POI problems 255w

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I’m using the Garmin 255w.
I’m working on writing some custom POI files.  I’ve written them in the gpx format.

The problem I am getting is when entering a phone number.  When I select the POI from the EXTRA -> CUSTOM POI  menu, the Name and address shows up only.  If I add that Custom POI to the favorites and then view that, the phone number shows up.

So, I’m not sure if this is the intended usage or does Garmin nuvi 255w have a bug in the custom POI selection?

If anyone knows please leave a comment.


Microsoft Router MN-700 Hack – Success!!!

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 Now that I have my 360, I’ve been hooked to live.  Unfortunately that has meant a cord running all the way from my central router to my TV.  A solution would be to set up wireless.  Luckily for me there was a hack to add on a new firmware on existing routers and turn them into wireless bridges, but the unfortunate problem was the Microsoft router MN-700 can not be hacked, UNLESS you take advantage of the JTAG connector.

Basically I took a useless router laying around and for a little time and $5.29 in parts, I created an amazing router that supports so many new features and works better.  Of course the Best feature is being able to use it as a wireless 4 port bridge.  It involved soldering on a jtag connector and running software to create bin files, erasing the old boatloader, loading a new bootloader, and then updating to the dd-wrt firmware.  It was taking around 12 hours to flash on a windows machine, and it kept messing up about 50-70% the way through flashing.  I heard the rumor that Linux would flash much faster.  Sure enough, I created a pendrivelinux version of Ubuntu, then tried to compile, and flash from the pen drive.  It took only about 15 minutes and I was done.  Able to de-solder, and hook up to the 360.

dd-wrt has the how to how to make this project work.  This also works for certain linksys routers too.








Ultimate gas mileage program

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Some people like me tend to love stats about their car.  Every time I go to gas station I get a receipt so I can keep track of the gas mileage.  The problem is after a day or so I lose the darn things.  Also I forget what the mileage was a month ago.  Knowing the gas mileage of a car and its consistency can tell you the health of your car.  Changing air filters or even tire pressure can effect mileage.   Having long term statistics can then tell you that their may be a problem.  (and its just geeky) 😉

To relieve this problem I working on a project to calculate gas mileage.  I know this has been done before, but I plan on putting in stats that have never been done before and will take to thinking about how to do.  The question is does anyone out there have input ideas / features they would like to see if they used this program?  Is there other features besides gas mileage that would be useful?  Feel free to leave some comments on what you think it should do.

Status is the database is getting updated and changed daily.  I am not happy with my schemas because features are being added and taken away.  Last night I scrapped it all and started new.  I have some of the basic R&D AJAX work done now too to allow me to have a universal JS file with many functions all in one.


Comments fixed

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Sorry everyone.  The comments were broken for the longest time and I just got around to fixing them tonight.  Turns out it was a stupid plugin.  Spama K2.  Their was actually a built in feature in the plugin option to rebuild broken tables.  The sql table was broken from all the darn upgrades I made to my wordpress version.


Gallery2 MySQL database upgrade checklist

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I run a website for a University Organization which consist of Gallery2. It gets quite a few visitors for the gallery. Yesterday I went to upgrade that gallery but ran into a problem.

Something to add to anyone’s checklist when updating their gallery2, would be to clear the cache. I ended up having a 80mb backup file. I then looked through the rows to find a 68mb cache entry.

Under the Administrator area of your gallery there is a maintenance area that allows you to clear the cache. Make sure you do this before backing up.


Virtual PC 2004 SP1 FREE IE7 RC1

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 Link to Download details: Virtual PC 2004 SP1

 Just in case your not aware.  Virtual PC is FREE.  This will help any developers who need a system with both IE6 and IE7 on the same system.

Also again…anyone under a rock who didn’t know.  IE7 RC1 came out yesterday.  I will have it on in about 5minutes.  I’ll post on it later today.

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