You know what really grinds my gears? Kate Gosselin’s claim she is broke…

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You know what really grinds my gears?  Kate Gosselin is claiming that she is broke because ONE account has been drained by John.  Kate is FREAKING out….she’s putting on the water works and she is being a HORRIBLE actor.

TLC, NBC…please please stop reporting on this divorce.  Quit the show.  Quit paying Kate money to extort her children.  If you want the children to grow up like normal kids, sell your multi million dollar house and turn off the cameras.

In divorce the “man is always wrong”.  I’m not sure why this happens, but for sure all we are seeing is one side of the story, because every time I hear Kate say “I can’t pay my bills”, I want to punch her in the nose.


Random Rambles

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Today I’m having a commercial party…I guess they’re playing some football during the commercial breaks.

Washed the car today…Ya it told me “Thank you”.

I want to see the movie Wanted .

Just watched most the movie teasers that are suppose to be shown tonight.  Thanks YOU TUBE 😉


American Idol – Season ???

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I have no clue what season American Idol is up, but I have to say I was entertained tonight.  They are keeping it fresh every year.  How do they do it?  Editing.  I think the show would suck if all we saw was good auctions and bad auctions.  Editors deserve the awards.  For all the time spent spicing, cuttings, and adding sound effects, they must spend forever.  But, the important thing is they are doing a great job they keeps it fresh.  We’ll see how my hatred goes for this as the season goes on.  Normally I’m against the fact that these people are “studio” made, but dang it, we’re stuck listening to one of these people on the radio come Fall 2009.


Save the Cheerleader, Save the World…

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It was a great 3 hours of Heroes last night.  We had our first Heroes party.  I remember this type of excitement when the FOX series 24 was just starting…Makes me wonder if Heroes will some day turn into a 24 and loose the Shock and Aww that it started with.

I ended up running the show through the Xbox 360’s media extender.  This way I could watch the HD over the air that was coming into my computer and hear the digital sound too.  Good thing I went down this road.  For some reason about the time the show was starting our ATT U-Verse DVR was blinking and resetting and then just locking up.  The one time ATT has let us down so far.  Thank goodness for "Life Without Walls"



The people that Support American Idol

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I stated I watched American Idol before.  That is true, because I was interested in watching people actually get to perform with an instrument.  I was interested in the people that had talent and their abilities to take songs such as “Billy Gene” and make it sound original. 

But who are the people that buy into the American Idol and worship it?  The people that ACTUALLY VOTE.  ( I have never voted ).  I’ll tell you who.

Roberta Swidersky, 54, wearing her homemade Archuleta T-shirt, was still proud of her favorite after show had ended.

WTF.  Its an age group from like 40 – 10000 that give a flying rats ass.

(source rand Rapids Press)

I’m just annoyed with the hype.  Keep it a talent contest and not a hype contest.  I would maybe have enjoyed it more if it was about the music only and not the Ford commercials or Apple commercials.  At least there were a few times during the season where it was about music.  It’s over and summer is here.   WOOT!!!


The Worst TV Commercials

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Time for another rant.

I used to think that women’s hygiene products happened to be the worst commercials on the face of the earth.  Hell, it’s not like they even need to advertise.  It’s a product that is required by women; so why must we be faced with ads about drips, pills, bloating, and every other mood enhancing drug.  I now find those ads are tolerable.  The ads that have topped them as being the worst ever are none other than, pizza ads. 

That’s right, that lovable American fattening favorite food.  If I have to hear a 7 year old shout “ITS PIZZA TIME!!!” one more time I’m going to go insane.  The latest ad from (lets just call them “pizza slut”) happens to have a girl shouting at top of her supersonic high pitch voice.  In fact my neighbors dog barks every time that shrill voice comes on.  On top of the TV blaring these horrible commercial at about 30 more DB above normal volume, we must now dodge the sign shakers.  OK, we get the point, pizza is $4.99 everyday.  I know this because I heard it on the radio, saw it on the TV, read it in the paper, and now I have to dodge your signs while driving.  You don’t need to advertise pizza.  We’re going to eat it.  The only place you should advertise in the paper,  with coupons.

Please, for the children’s sake, stop the pizza TV commercials.


Season Finally of Greys Anatomy better watched alone

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So at start of Fall 05, I started watching Grey??s Anatomy. (Thanks a lot girl friend). I thought that show would be corny and typical. However I was surprised that the writers were able to make it a witty on your toes subtle comedy with the every once in awhile emotion and sexual tension breaker.

So first about my experience lasts night, then a review on the episode.

Guys, what ever you do, DON??T watch TV with women. I get stuck sitting in a room full of estrogen and its spurting out all over the place as I??m trying to watch the damn TV. I watch TV because its enjoyment. I don??t think the characters are my family and will not cry for them or have emotion for them. They aren??t my family and they would never cry for me, why would I cry for them. So, these darn girls get way TOOO involved with their TV shows. It??s funny that they??ve turned me on to watching the show but now I feel like I better have to start watching it by myself, so I don??t need to listen to whimpers and then hear how they have to eat ice cream, and read Cosmo to feel better.

Now for the review.

Last night was the final episode for the season. I think only an hour and 15 minutes were really needed. The first hour was good, and the next 15 minutes broke down all the main characters and summed up there whole life for the whole season. There was some great writing then. After that it should have ended. None of the characters that should have been together got together and the end result was a doctor cheating on his wife with a much younger girl (Grey). Of course this goes to America saying that ??well, if they do it on TV, I guess it??s ok for me to do it in real life.?? I wish shows could sometime give a more positive message rather than trying to get the HIGHTEST possible ratings. The show was doing great and will still have viewers in future, I just was hoping that they (the writers) were going to end it with some better morals.

Too anyone that watches I do have to say that I really do feel bad George. I hope he gets the girl in the future. I think he??s the rock of the show and offers the most comic relief out of everyone.

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