IE doesn’t play well with MOOTOOLS

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While working on my gas mileage program I was adding some bling effects using mootools.  Firefox worked fine but IE7 had problems.  I had a background of a DIV fad from yellow to the background color.  Firefox worked find in a 500ms transition.  IE7 waited for 500ms and instantly changed. 


The problem was in my CSS I had used the color “yellow”.  Mootools and IE do not like this.  A simple fix is to use the HEX number for yellow. 


So, if anyone is going to use MOOTOOLS just make sure you’re using HEX numbers for your colors in your CSS.


Blog title has a link now

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Thanks to Jeff, there is now a link on the header.? Because there is no image in the HTML, I just added a div around the existing div and added onclick to that.? The style sheet then had cursor:pointer added to it too.

?Thanks jeff for pointing that out.? I haven’t really looked at all the broken parts of the hacked up site lately.



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Internet Explorer 7…? I just heard a hiss and maybe a few boos amoung you all, but hang on, just hang on a moment.? Microsoft makes some greate products.? They also make some not so good, and sure they were behind the game a little bit with fire fox kicking their butts, but I think you might want to re-consider.? My past weeks of trying out the new LIVE sites that microsoft uses and today the newer IE7 beta3, I must say, “give it a chance”.
Some of the key features that I do REALY like are the following:

  • rss reader – pretty can do about anything all the other basics can do and a bit more.? Clean looking too.
  • tabs – looking good. clean look.? (I would like them to open differently though)? I love my tabs…usually have about 100+ open at once.
  • quick tabs – this is a page that opens up showing you a small screen shot for each tab you have open.? I like this one a lot.
  • stylesheets – this is the one I’m realy excitied about.? YES, padding is working now.? If you use conditional comments, be sure to change your old pages to say [if lte IE 6]? That way your regular style sheets will work that your use to using with firefox.

There are more features that I like, but those are the start.? I also wanted to add, I have not had a single problem with any webpages or content, or programs accessing the internet.? I’ll be the first to complain if I see any.

Its worth it.? Give it a chance.? Even if you don’t think you’ll use it, you might still want to try it to prepare your websites if your a developer.


If your Firefox & Windows Media Player don’t get along, here’s the fix…

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Being frustrated that I could not preview a song at Amazon I decided to do something about it. I found that firefox “should” have support for WMP9+ but it didn’t. I had to install media player for Netscape / mozila. Some users may have more problems so check out this site. It has lots of great information including the link for the mozila plugin support.


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