How to Burn $29.99 Education Edition of Win7 to ISO

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Did you happen to download the windows 7 upgrade from digitalriver.com.  This would be the $29.99 edition.

If you did get it, it downloads, then expands a TON of files.  If you want burn this to a DVD then you are going to need to do the following:

First download  oscdimg.zip.


THEN run this crazy command. 

This command will make an ISO for you.  Of course, replace the path with the correct path to the etfsboot.com and the directory where the files sit.

Oscdimg.exe –u2 –b”C:\Users\PUTUSERNAMEHERE\Desktop\expandedSetup\boot\etfsboot.com” –h “C:\Users\PUTUSERNAMEHERE\Desktop\expandedSetup” C:\WIN7.ISO


I found this information at



Thanks Bing.com for the FREE CASH

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Looking to save a few bucks on your next online purchase.

Currently I’m using two websites that give you cash back for making purchases online.  It really works too.  It’s simple.  Go to the website, and click a link.  Serious, that’s all you have to do.  The links take you to pretty much any store, including stores like Kohls, Victoria’s secret, tire rack, Newegg, buy.com, Amazon.com,dell, HP, and many many more.

Mr. Rebates  and Bing Cash Back  

Bing cash back had a better deal going with 6%, so I used them on this computer purchase last night.

bing cash

The catch is you have to wait about 60 days after a purchase and you need to have at least $5 in rebates before they send you a check.


Take Back the Beep

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Are you tired of wasting time  with cell phone voice mails when you call someone and have to listen to the automated voicemail instructions.  EVERYONE knows what to do with voice mail.  You hear a beep you leave a message…

This issue is part of a new Campaign, “Take Back the Beep”


These little 15-second waits add up–bigtime. If Verizon’s 70 million customers leave or check messages twice a weekday, Verizon rakes in about $620 million a year. That’s your money. And your time: three hours of your time a year, just sitting there listening to the same message over and over again every year.


If you have a sprint phone you can turn this feature off.
The simplified instructions are
You can disable the mandatory instructions. Hold down 1 for your voicemail, (then press * if you have messages to go back out to the main menu).     From there:

  • press 3 – personal options
  • press 2 – greeting
  • press 1 – main greeting
  • press 3 – add or remove caller instructions
  • press 2 – do not play instructions



Does anyone else have the instructions for the other carriers?…the more blogs that post this information the better our cause.


.NET Developer looking for work.

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I guess why not advertise on my blog.

If anyone is looking for a .NET Developer in Michigan, please contact me.  I would prefer either the Greater Grand Rapids Area, or the Detroit Area, but I am open to other areas.  You can leave me a comment on this blog or email me at “looking[for]{work}[at](bigredsplace){dott}com” with your contact information and I can forward you my resume.

So, to keep this short and sweet, if you’re looking for a .NET Developer specializing in C# but capable of taking on ANYTHING, feel free to contact me, or if you know of anyone else, please feel free to pass on their contact information.

Tuff times call for Blogging :)
Thank you everyone.  I appreciate your help.


Garmin ecoRoute Review

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So I tested out the new Garmin ecoRoute.  It’s a program that can track your fuel usage.  It can predict the cost for each route you try.  It all sounds pretty good, but how good does it work?

Well I tried it out for one full tank of gas.  I had it on every time I started the car and moved.

Here’s the results.  I set the cost of fuel for the prediction to be $1.80/gal

  • Distance: 294.3mi
  • Time Traveled: 8:37
  • cost of fuel used:$23.42
  • Average Fuel Economy: 22.6mpg
  • Carbon Footprint: 252.4lbs
  • fuel Used: 13.0 gal

NOW, lets compare that to what the pump and the miles on the car said.

  • Distance 302.0 mi
  • cost of fuel used:26.00
  • Gallons filled 13.479
  • Cost per gallon: $1.929
  • Calculated Average Fuel Economy: 22.41mpg

I was pretty impressed.  If the cost would have been the same as predicted ($1.80gal), the actual filled price would have been $24.62 which is less than a $1 off.   The fact that the fuel economy is so close is what really impresses me too.  I have to admit, I thought the program was going to be a joke, but it actually works.  So next time your using your GPS, and put in a waypoint, you can be confident that the predicted cost for that trip will be accurate.  So I’ve learned it cost about a 1.32 one way to work. 

Oh yea, the best part.  It actually gives you a driving report too which you can download from your GPS to your computer.  I plan on writing a program to parse these reports and make more useful data from them.


Lesson learned when letting your girlfriend choose a movie

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Saturday, I told my girlfriend, let’s just rent a movie and watch it on this crazy TV I bought.  We went to a local video rental store.  We walked the whole store looking at the new rentals.  I wanted to see Wall-E.  She had never seen it but was not in the mood.  She wanted a comedy.  We saw some Dane Cook movie and thought maybe.  Then she found Burn After Reading.  I made  the mistake of NOT reading the back of the movie case.  I asked her, since she just read the back, what is it about?
To my surprise, she tells me it’s a comedy of sorts.  I see it has George Clooney and Brad Pit from the front cover.  (Again I rely on her reading the back).  I say why not…I’m sure it’s funny and has to be better than Dane Cook.

We end up renting that one and buying Wall-E (only $10 to own).

OK…well after 2 hours …we both found ourselves saying.   What the F just happened.  We were so disappointed.  And I made sure I let her know she did not pick out a comedy.  This is not a bad movie, but more random.  If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.  Not only do some of the characters act like they don’t know what the F is going on, but we, the viewers, felt the same way as the credits still rolled.

Girlfriend admitted defeat.


Lesson learned….I pick out our next movie!!!


Google Gears uses .NET

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Is anyone else impressed that Google gears uses .NET.  I was just installing the latest WordPress and wanted to try out the Turbo feature.  When installing the Google Gears I noticed it was a click once app…  Pretty cool!!!


Windows Home Server project – Ordering Parts – Part 0

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I wanted to share a multi part post about building a computer that backs up all your photo, music, files.  It will store at least 2 copies of everything so if one hard drive fails, then I’ll have a second copy of it backed up.  Not only will it back up files, it will make a nightly backup of my laptop so when its hard drive dies, I’ll be able to restore it very easily.

This can be all done with Windows Home Server.  There are tons and tons of reasons why I’ve chosen this over RAID.  If your interested throw me some comments and I’ll get back to you.

You can either buy a pre-built server, or build the parts.  When you build it, you’ll end up getting much much more bang for your buck!!!

Here’s a list of what I got

Total price with Shipping:$418.53
– Rebates  ($65)

TOTAL $353.53

2TB add on will cost me another $194.00

If you’re like me you already have a case laying around so that’s not needed unless you want to create some hot-swap thing.As soon as the parts come in I’ll get to Part 1, the actual setup.

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