Hot tub time machine

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Started working on my hot tub…from the 70’s.

This will take some work…looks like they never winterized it correctly. Water was shooting everywhere after filling half way.


131 FAIL Cam

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I must shamelessly plug a new web camera. This camera overlooks the US131 S-Curve. This road is a small stretch of raised cement curves. You go from 70miles per hour down to 55 and sometimes slower. The problem is it’s a blind curve.

Anyways. This website can now show you all the fun accidents that end up happening.

So head over to http://131failcam.com today to check out excitement.


comments comments comments…

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oh where oh where have the comments gone??  Looks like i had something configured wrong.  When you leave them now, they should be showing up if they are approved…but of course I’m not getting emails when the comments get caught :(

anyways…  I have updates from this pass weekend that I’ll share in a bit :)


never blog anymore

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With all the facebooks/twitters/ ect. I just don’t blog anymore. As you can see this site is not updated. Facebook will end up getting this post that I’m writing right now.

Point being. Since everyone syndicates data. Does anyone go this blog to read data. They use facebook, or google reader, or whatnot.
I still want to be creative and update this look and feel, but heck, I have a hard time just writing new posts.

I’ll try to throw a few more updates up more often in the future.


Goodbye Circuit City

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Today was the last day that Circuit City was open.

I went to the store for the heck of it.  I guess one last time walking in only to find a group of what I believe was the old workers playing Xbox on a LCD TV.  They had no Circuit City shirts on.  They were sitting right by the door, just playing a game.  I have no clue why they stayed open today.  They had NOTHING left.  Everything was gone.  They were selling shelves only.  It sort of reminded me of Clerks, but without any merchandise.


TGIF again and Holiday Miles

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These Fridays never come fast enough.

Today on my way into work I turned on my GPS.  I forgot to check the mileage from all my holiday driving.  I found out I only drove about 767miles.  Never left the state…heck never went farther north than the grand rapids…but I went back and forth a few times.

Holidays went by fast.  Now we just settle in for a long Michigan Winter.  20s this weekend and teens all next week…burr…oh ya and chance of snow EVERY day until summer.  Grand Rapids has almost met their normal snow fall for the WHOLE season.


The Sound Is Produced

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I just heard Kristh Lee Cook’s new single, and boy does she not sound the same as her American Idol time. Can you say “sound machine”. She came in 7th yet RCA gave her a record deal as the show was ending…

Well I guess good for her, I just wonder what I would sound like with effect processers?

Merry Christmas

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I got the idea from a friend to post every Christmas and then look back a few years later to see what I was doing, so here goes the first post of many years to come.  This was the first Christmas Eve I was not with my family.  I also messed up times with church so I didn’t make it to Midnight Mass.  Weather was crazy bad up to this day.  It rained and snowed today.  (Thats Michigan for you)  I watch a salt truck not make it up a hill by my house.  That kept me entertained as he smoked his tires and backed down the hill.

With the new TV and Windows Home Server, I had Christmas come early, so I didn’t ask for anything this year.  We’ll see if Santa Brings anything.

Mario was Festive this year.  (Santa Claws)



Look for another Christmas post, December 25, 2009 😉

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